Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Smooth Magazine featuring Buffie the Body

Smooth Magazine #30 features cover model Buffie the Body along with the feature article "The Buffie Brain.

Buffie first hit the scene in Tony Yayo's video to 'So Seductive' and "In the two years that the multimedia phenomenon know as Buffie the Body has been in the public eye, she's evolved from merely having one of the biggest asses in the game to being one of its brightest businesswomen. - The Hip-Hop Shop!

Prison Populations: Invisible Nation

In the December 7, 2000 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, the National Affairs department featured an article entitled 'Invisible Nation' by David Baum.

The sub-text of an illustration detailing the race of the prison population versus the general population stated the following:

Minorities are sent to prison at up to thirteen times the rate of whites. This is partly due to police targeting of low-income neighborhoods and sentencing disparities - such as a five-year sentence for the sale of five grams of crack vs. 500 grams of powder cocaine. According to Human Rights Watch, "In seven states...blacks constitute between 80 and 90% of all drug offenders sent to prison," despite the fact that whites use drugs at a higher rate than blacks.