Monday, March 21, 2011

National Urban League Unemployment Report February 2011

---National Urban League's Highlights of the February 2011 Employment

Here is an excerpt from the National Urban League's highlights of
the February 2011 Employment Report:

"The economy gained 192,000 jobs in
February while private sector employment increased by 222,000.  

The unemployment rate changed little - now 8.9% (from 9.0% in January).  The Black unemployment rate declined to 15.3% (from 15.7%) - the unemployment rate for Black men was 16.2% (from 16.5%); for Black women 13.0% (from 12.9%).
The unemployment rate for Whites was unchanged at 8.0% while the
Hispanic rate was 11.6% (from 11.9%).  Rates of teen unemployment were 21.3%
for Whites (from 22.8%), 38.4% for African-Americans (from 45.4%) and 30.6% for Latinos (from 32.9%). The rate of underemployment (including the unemployed, marginally attached and those working part-time for economic reasons) was 15.9% (from 16.1%). The ranks of long-term unemployed (jobless
for 27 weeks or more) decreased from January to February - now at 6 million (from 6.2 million) or 43.9% of all unemployed -- 1.5 million people have been unemployed for 2 years or more.

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