Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Basketball Shoe Buying Tips from Victory Shoe Shop

Basketball Shoe Buying Tips

  1. Durability

    1. Whether you're playing on a
      concrete court in a public park, or on the floor of a first class
      gymnasium, your shoes are going to get a work out. Look for quality
      brands and materials that will stand up to all of the up and
      down the court action you're bound to encounter.

  2. Stability Support and Cushioning

    1. Of course, your basketball shoes
      are going to need first class stability, so, look for shoes that
      feature mid-foot, heel and ankle support, as well as a quality
      lacing system. You'll also want to consider a lot of padding
      in the shoe for load distribution and added cushioning. After
      all, countless jump shots can cause quite an impact on your feet.

  3. Breathability

    1. During a game, you're going
      to sweat. Look for basketball shoes with uppers made of leather,
      nylon, mesh, or other breathable material to remain as cool as
      you can.

  4. Style

    1. Half of the fun in buying basketball
      shoes, is in getting a pair that looks great, and makes all your
      buddies jealous.

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